What support and training do you want for Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) in research? Please complete this survey.


Whether you are a patient, carer, member of the public, student or researcher, we at the East Midlands Sharebank, would like you to complete this short survey. This is to capture your views on what support and training you would like to help you in understanding, organising and taking part in Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in research.

When we say PPI, we mean research being done with patients, carers and the public in an active partnership (see INVOLVE's definition at: Research may also be led by patients, carers and the public too. PPI may also be known as public, lay, service user or consumer involvement or consumer participation.

We have included options to guide your response, but please also feel free to use any open, free text sections to describe what you would like in your own words. We will use your responses to guide the development of our training activities for the year ahead. They will also help provide a wider picture for future developments, here in the East Midlands and beyond. Thank you very much for your time and input.

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Adele Horobin,

15th March 2019

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